Does an honest mistake that has caused no harm require punishment?

Windermere Prep High School Football game
Yesterday afternoon, the coin toss at High School.


Windermere Prep
Left foreground: Dr Rawlings (English) and our Son (new to school, freshman) talking about the low attendance.


My goal with attending as many after school activities, like yesterday’s Football game, is simply to provide social time for a new-to-the-school freshman.

As we drove home after halftime (he didn’t know anyone at the game) i shared what had happened with the attorney. His 15-year old, inexperienced, yet unbiased (really), reaction was one of literal disgust that someone would “try to take an innocent person’s money for no good reason”. He may be inexperienced, but he (like many teens) has an exceptionally honest (and untarnished) take on life.

“You can’t steal someone’s money”.

PS. To try to make a case that i was stealing copyright revenues and business opportunities is absurd. Really.

Some thoughts/questions for posterity:

Has the author and/or the attorney ever exceeded the posted speed limit? Ever driven a vehicle after having had a few drinks at a celebration? Ever ridden in a vehicle with someone who has? Ever accidentally made a bad move while driving because they had a blind spot? The whole notion of the poem is the legacy of how we live our life. Coming after me under the circumstances feels like a witch hunt. If there is anger at the constant need to protect a famous asset, do you honestly see me as a threat and willful violator?

Disney made a south Florida Day Care paint over a Disney Character mural on their building wall. Disney did not seek financial compensation, and Disney did not seek to make an example of the Day Care. Honestly, the Day Care had no idea they had violated copyright laws in a willful, malicious, competitive manner. Disney knew this too. The goal is in protecting the valuable asset so that it is always presented in the best way.

Even if the author offered to pay me to place her poem on one or all five of my sites, i would decline. Why? Because my brand and hers do not match.




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