Disney trivia: What does the S. D. stand for?

Disney Honey Bucket photo
What does the S. D. stand for?


Disney trivia:

  • What does the S. D. stand for?
  • What is the “insider” name for this cart?

Disney creates stories that are orchestrated with prolific details.

Disney overmanges details other businesses either under manage or ignore completely.

Disney is intentional where other business are unintentional.

Now apply the business principles to being personally organized.

You can create your own personal life Magic.

But you will need an owner’s manual.

i will began writing it for you soon, as soon as a thoughtful date can be determined.


Because using memorable, intentional milestones is more effective than not using them.

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  1. Jeff,

    I remember pointing this out to my sons when in the park before, making out the point that Disney pays attention to even the smallest of details. That’s the Sanitation Department!


  2. Looking forward to this “owners manual”. Thanks for all these great thoughts, ideas, tips, and perspective! Peace!

  3. Craig, had i planned to speak about Disney after retirement (which was never the plan), this book, and the five others (Easy Disney topics for me to write about) would have already been done.

  4. Yes, it was demand that had me rethink things. If life throws a curve ball, swing with the intent of knocking it out of the park. 🙂

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