What a Chicken$#it

What a chciken$#it.

My friend couldn’t wait a few more seconds to finish watching an inspiring, one-minute You Tube video.

It was 62 seconds long.  Come on.  Seriously?

It didn’t reach him emotionally, I guess.  Didn’t engage him, perhaps. Maybe I’m a sap for thinking these things are inspirational.

I asked, “Did you see the guy with no legs running at the very end”?

Maybe the focus on athletics was a turnoff.  Maybe not.  It’s a complete mystery to me.

But you know what?  I really admire this person and think I can learn as much from him as he can from me.

The man with no legs, he runs the same race as me – 400 meters – he almost made the South African Olympic team.

The Olympic Team!!!!

Are you kiddin’ me.

How is that possible?

Anything is possible.  But you have to believe it.  I believe he’ll watch it this time.

But then again, I’ve been wrong before.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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