Two administrative duties for a great summer….

Yesterday was a great summer day at the beach…

beach life

Enjoying the early morning wild life…

beach water fowl

A fellow vacationer to the Island finding peace and tranquility in the early hour before sunrise…

swimming with sharks

Uh oh…

shark photos

Whew… just a dolphin…life is good…

swimming rules

Two administrative duties for a great summer….

  1. Embrace your special family summer traditions
  2. Find ways to “plus up” the experience

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  1. Ha! It’s nice to finally have an answer from that photo on Facebook! 🙂

    Sorry, I get behind on this one, sometimes, since I can’t read the whole post in Google Reader.

  2. Craig, sometimes, it’s like a show or a movie, it makes more sense when you don’t miss anything.

    Our children’s lives are like that too. Am learning this mostly by design, and now and then, by default.

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