They Said It, Not Me


Some people label me as optimistic.

Some as having a positive attitude.

Others, say I’m audacious.

And some say, “That bird is crazy.”

Whatever you call it, “They said it, not me.”

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I have a strong suspicion that “they” secretly wish they could have what you have or be the way you are! Notice – they never say, “He is a bad person for being that way” or “He is wrong for being that way.” They only comment on what they wish they were but may not be. 🙂


  2. Bob, you present an interesting perspective. One that I have not considered. Thank you for that.

    What frustrates me is this nagging feeling that people simply can not believe how hard I must to work at everything.

    A tiny example is how well our Dog listens and obeys. I have busted my hump to train Carter to be a great Dog.

    We didn’t inherit a great Dog, we shaped him the way anyone great gets shaped – focus and discipline. Thanks again. jeff 🙂

  3. I learned something a while back, and to be honest with you, watching my kids and those around him has taught me this more than anything else.

    Society as a whole has become a “microwave generation,” with everything being expected to be done instantaneously. Watching kids, I have heard discussions in group settings from them where one kid says, “I don’t have that like he does.” The other kid responds, “Well, just buy one.” My kids know better than to say something like that to me because they have been taught that it recruires work and effort – not an automatic. But a lot of others don’t. And that mindset isn’t something they come up with on their own – they watch their parents.

    So when your “end product” is viewed, there are those who only see the end result and not the effort put into it all. And since they can’t figure out how to just “buy” what you have or obtain it instantly, they criticize it. The want it, but they don’t want the price you paid for it.

  4. There are no shortcuts, except in microwaving a meal. Anything resembling personal responsibility and quality of attitude, is purely hard work.


    Thanks for investing your time and insights. 🙂

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