Live, Before You Die

Goodnight Sun

Can you comprehend this?

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    Simple, but profound! Like my friend who was raised in England says, “Spot on!”


  2. Once again, Bob, you manage to make me smile – like you always do.

    Spot on is right. The stereotype is that death is bad, sad and awful.

    What if we thought dying was awesome instead of awful?

    In order to get from awful to awesome would require a complete paradigm shift. Many people who dedicate their lives to Hospice have already made the shift.

    Wonder if it’s transferable to the masses.

  3. Jeff,

    I believe a part of that paradigm shift is that there also has to be a heart shift – to a place where you believe in the afterlife. If there is no Hope, then death is probably viewed as awful and bad.

    I am reminded of a radio program I heard the other day by the Christian singer Bryan Duncan. In talking about looking at the life of a loved one at his or her passing, he said, “You can either cry because it’s over, or smile because it happened.” There’s the paradigm shift again.


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