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Baylor's Hart-Patterson Track & Field Complex

As a world-class Master’s Track & Field 400 meter runner himself, jeff noel couldn’t fathom being on Baylor’s campus and not touching the track where four Olympic Gold medal 400 meter runners trained. On the other hand, noel had spent 10 hours traveling, was beat, and had an early call time the next morning…

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  1. Patty, knowing that I’d probably never be there again and trying to explain to our Son why I didn’t make the extra effort when I was so close (10 mins) – I couldn’t find a reason good enough. For what I’m trying to teach, the metaphor of what Michael Johnson accomplished is simply too compelling to ignore.

  2. Natalie, not yet. Maybe never. It’ll be up to him. We tried a year ago, but it was too soon. I do not want to push him to run. Push him to exercise? Absolutely.

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