This is something i need to accept, embrace, and rejoice in

Corn field 10 feet tall
It took 19 years before i saw the corn grow. It was 1978, i was a college sophomore.


She was originally going to be the project manager and coordinate the efforts of a web developer, a sales team of two, and a graphic artist.

Besides intentionally not being involved in sales calls, it turns out she’s doing everything else though, except the toughest website coding.

This is dramatically different than first envisioned.

This is something i need to accept, embrace, and rejoice in.

It has created challenges that i didn’t anticipate.

i’m confident it eliminated challenges that would have happened had the plan worked as planned.

Either way, it is what it is and i’m grateful for all of it.

Crisis or celebration?

The answer is a no-brainer.

It took two months for me to see it though.

Better late than never.

PS. The photo from yesterday reminded me when you see the corn field everyday, you never notice it’s growth. When you go away to college for a few weeks and return home for a brief visit, you are astonished how much it grew while your were gone.




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