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There’s A Decent Argument For Which Is More Important, Christmas Or Easter

Is Christmas or Easter More Important?

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel asks, “Which holiday is more important and why, Christmas or Easter?”

By midlife, aging Baby Boomers ought to have firm convictions. The Blog Whisperer is betting most folks will have to think about it first. Noel’s point exactly. We shouldn’t have to think about it. That should have been done long ago.

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4 replies on “There’s A Decent Argument For Which Is More Important, Christmas Or Easter”

For me, it’s Easter. But you can’t have Easter without Christmas. Maybe we should be joyful and celebrate the Lord’s birth and rising from the dead each and everyday. Really, why only showing thanksgiving 2 days a year.

The answer has changed over the years for me — depending on which part of God’s awesomeness I’m experiencing. It’s so great to focus on His majesty and His humility and His love — all of God’s attributes could be celebrated at Christmas AND Easter.

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