Million dollar question, “What if we did?”

If our goal doesn’t scare us, we’re not dreaming big enough. Before hearing someone say that, I had pondered tag lines for, my physical health blog.

Three stood out:

  1. If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough
  2. Dream big. Get there. Stay there.
  3. The long way is the short cut.

Do we have a way of capturing our big ideas? Do we have a place to take them for a public test drive?

What if we did?

And a Dad accidentally discovered that the secret to work life balance was stunningly simple – “secret” revealed here.


By jeff noel

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  1. Sometimes, most times, I’m shy about sharing my big ideas. Something about exposing them to air scares me — they might be subject to shrinkage.

  2. Natalie, how does it feel to read what you wrote (above)?

    Often, liberation is only a few comments away.

    We ultimately come to realize that when we “force” ourselves to do what scares us, we no longer find ourselves afraid of that thing.

    How cool is that?

  3. Thanks for the good words about taking big ideas out into public. The same day I expressed my fears about doing that, I attended a meetup of mom entrepreneurs. The ideas they were discussing really made me feel empowered and full of belief in my own big idea.

    I.m moving forward with my dream…

  4. Natalie, how cool was that?

    Way to go! Keep moving forward.

    The long way is the shortcut.

    Fear not in going slow. Fear only the standing still or quitting.

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