Midlife Celebration Is Feeling Edgy Today Because There’s An Aging Elephant In The Room

Midlife Celebration said elephant, not snow man.

Mid Life Celebration is feeling quite edgy today. Why? Well, there’s an aging Baby Boomer elephant in the room. You know, the thing everyone knows is so obvious (an elephant in the room), but everyone ignores, walks around, pretends doesn’t exist.

It’s this whole “personal responsibility” movement jeff noel has been writing about. Boomers, when will we stop seeking the answers outside ourselves? All we need – the answers, happiness – it all resides inside. We must simply start looking. On the inside.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if when we look into the mirror to fix our hair or straighten our tie we could also see inside our heart and make the necessary adjustments?

    Just like Cast Members use a mirror to help them prepare for their on-stage roles, we Boomers should take part in life by prepping the inside for our on-stage performance.

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