Keynote Speakers are highly anticipated

gMed Summt 2015 agenda
It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. – WED


The title is growing on me. You can’t be a prophet in your hometown, but outside of your town it starts getting crazy good.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    As you have lead-up to this presentation 90+ days ago and shared photos from the event yesterday and today, it has been fun to be a fly on the wall.

    Interestingly, yesterday I saw a photo of you on Facebook. Disney Meetings posted a link to an article called “How do you chose speakers?” from, but with your photo, not one from the article. Seems like a good speaker to pick!


  2. Brian, what an interesting comment to read first thing this morning. Appreciate your attention here. Do you read all five blogs? And if so, why? PS. Please don’t feel obligated to answer. Teaching our 15 year old that the answer to every unasked question is no, so ask. 🙂

  3. Good morning, Jeff! Yes, I do read all five blogs. I subscribe to each with the RSS feed and will usually read everything else in my newsfeed so I can then see the order in which your articles were posted (which may not always be the order you use with your links to the next blog, but that’s ok). This lets me keep the STORY from one day all together if I am busy and have not caught-up on my RSS feeds in a couple days. Thanks for the daily inspirations!

  4. Brian, here’s a thought…you could unsubscribe to all but


    Because there’s a link to travel horizontally across the five websites, versus scrolling down on the same website. The link is at the conclusion of each post, called ‘Next Blog’.

    Did you know that?

    You would then read the posts in the order in which they were thought up and written. Often, the story for the day goes horizontally, versus picking up on the previous day’s post.

    It’s weird until you figure it out, then it makes perfect sense. It’s also weird because no one else does it so there’s no previous knowledge of this style.

    Thanks for listening (and reading). 🙂

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