Are Baby Boomers Too Old To Lead A Nation Wide Health Revolution?

Our journey should pursue balance with Life's (5) Big Choices

One of the main, insidious reasons our nation is in an obesity epidemic is because when young look at old, they see what they think is an inevitable jail sentence.

What if the nationwide health landscape for older Americans, especially Baby Boomers, looked vibrant, happy, healthy, active and alive?

PS. This is Mid Life Celebration’s 5,000th blog post. Wanted to commemorate this prolific blogging milestone on 11.11.11

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By jeff noel

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  1. Thanks Bob. When I don’t think too hard, today is just another day, a no big deal kinda day. When I pause and reflect though, 5000 posts is monumental.

    The journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step…

  2. Thank you Donna. As a person whose been here since the beginning, you can vouch for me that it was never a goal to be concerned about volume. And it still isn’t.

    Perhaps the underlying “big deal” is the daily effort to serve a Son, and anyone else who might benefit.

  3. Congratulations Jeff! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard you whispering in my ear about trying just a little harder or setting a good example. Sometimes I ignore you, but most of the time I listen. 5,000 is huge, and I just want to say “thanks” a million.

  4. Natalie, you’re welcome. You have been an encouraging voice at Mid Life Celebration’s blogs and as I accept your thanks, will you please accept mine? 🙂

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