A Fellow Boomer Asked jeff noel If He Ever Tires Writing Five Daily, Different Blogs

Did he just say, "Not a chance"?

Some of jeff noel’s friends are bloggers. They seem to marvel at his ability to write five daily, short, pithy blog posts about Life’s Big Choices. Only recently did noel start to consciously understand why. It’s hard to do anything everyday. Period. Except maybe, eat. But to eat healthily and in moderation everyday? Not a chance.

Curious, any of you feel the subconscious tug to rethink, reprioritize and recommit? Not a chance?

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  1. We are all given the same 1,440 minutes in a day. It is up to us whether we choose wisely or foolishly what to do with those minutes.

    If we knew we were going to live to be 100, that’s a total of 52,596,000 minutes. Based on what we do in life (exercise, sleep, healthy eating) we can add to or take away from that total. Live more or live less? Our choice.

  2. What if you couldn’t guarantee tomorrow. What motivates us to coast or climb. It’s really as simple as the classic fable of the three little pigs. Pay me now, or pay me later.

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