USP aka unique selling proposition

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From Facebook last night.


USP is also known as “unique selling proposition”.

It’s something that compellingly separates you and your business from the others who are vying for your customer base.

Until recently, i never gave this serious thought even though i’ve always understood the concept theory. Working for 30 years inside a big Company like Disney, there’s a well-oiled corporate marketing team that has one job – to market Disney’s USP.

And they do it brilliantly.

The sudden invitation two days ago to be part of a large, public, Canadian conference (in 14 days) had me scrambling to polish up some marketing sound bites.

And it caused deep introspection on my own unique selling proposition.

How did i become Disney Institute’s highest rated, most requested speaker? How/why was i selected not once, but twice, to receive both of the Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Awards?

It had a lot to do with my life’s work – 30 years inside Disney – and honing the most complex and sophisticated business secrets.

It also had a lot to do with a passion for keeping things simple (and prioritized), without which, nothing great happens.

Now all i have to do is say all of that in 200 characters, including spaces and periods.




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