Motivation is like a campfire

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Motivation is like a campfire, unless you continue to feed it, it will go out.


Motivation is like a campfire.

If you’ve camped overnight in the wilderness and had a fire, you were probably assigned the task of fetching firewood.

Caveman TV they call it.

Something magical about a campfire.

Ghost stories, jokes, reminiscing, smores, etc.

Everyone goes to bed.

In the morning, the flames are gone. A flat layer of gray ashes covers what used to be a pyramid or square shaped log pile engulfed in flames.

If you address the fire first thing in the morning by stirring the ashes and resting some wood on top of the now uncovered embers, you can walk away and the fire will restart on its own.

If you wait too long in the morning to do this, you will have to start over to rebuild a fire – as if there was never a fire there in the first place.

Motivation is like this.

Tend to it and it will burn as long as you feed it.

Neglect it and it’s like starting over.


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