How many emails are typically in your in box?

Empty email in box
An empty in-box is glorious.


How many emails are typically in your in box?

Shooting for today to become the third day in a row.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! As CIO I receive well over 100 emails/day. On any given day – at the end of the day – there are less than 20 emails remaining in my inbox. My greatest email invention was the creation of a folder called “Waiting for Reply”. My repository of sent emails that are critical that I receive a timely reply; easy to forward the original email to the recipient letting them know I have not yet heard from them.

  2. David, the more specific our digital folders, the more effectively we can manage our in-box and our deliverables. You are wise to have found something so simple with such a big ROI.

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