Apple watch arrives today, May 26

Apple Watch delivery email update
Apple email from a few days ago.


Apple watch arrives today, 46 days after being one of the first to order it at 12:01am PCT on April 10 (the first day it was offered to the world).

Delivery notes where sent in an email shortly after ordering. It would ship in June. To which i joking asked myself, “June 1 or June 30?”

So, it arrives May 26.

Haven’t told anyone except Cheryl.

Why would i?

Simply experimenting with better ways to deliver on the promise to help make the world a better place.

i have intentionally not worn a watch for the past 20 years, and have no intentions of ever wearing one again.

So what’s changing? You did, after all, order the Apple Watch.

i now see it as wearing a computer. This is not the same.

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