Why i stopped using to-do lists

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Five minutes can seem like forever, or not nearly enough time.


Many of us live and die by our to-do lists. Used to be a poster child for that. Those days are history.

Why did i stopped using to-do lists?

If it doesn’t fit in my memory or on a post it note, it can wait. And if it can wait, odds are decent it doesn’t matter.

i also became much more self aware of my energy balance when i came to the realization life has five big, intuitive, choices.

  1. Mind – we think
  2. Body – we move
  3. Spirit – we feel
  4. Money – we work
  5. HQ – we dwell

Balance is always about focus, but it’s more about energy than time.

It’s simple, focusing on the time element is the wrong metric.

Focus on balancing your energy.

Simple doesn’t mean easy, but it does mean simple.

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