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Staying organized is a moving target

Apple Watch shopping
Cheryl got to try on some Watches.


At the Apple Store “open training” session yesterday, i discovered something i didn’t understand. You cannot store things in iCloud storage that aren’t on your Mac. If you delete it off your Mac, it automatically deletes off of iCloud.

iCloud is not a virtual external hard drive for everything. It only backs up what you physically have on your computer.

Lesson learned. Grateful for the clarification, even though it defeats my hopes.

Dropbox is the likely solution.

Staying organized is a moving target.

Editor’s note (100 days later, today Nov. 19): i am not using Drop Box, nor any other storage platform.

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Glad they’re working well. I haven’t explored those much past the default set-ups, just because I originally got things started when I had an Android phone and I wanted something to work with multiple platforms, at the time.

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