Quickbooks revelation

First view coming out of the tunnel.
Ptarmigan Tunnel hike view after passing through the tunnel. The posts from that day didn’t share many scenic photos.
On left edge you spot two people about to go back through the tunnel to the Swiftcurrent (southern) side.
Hiked to there, about one mile from where i’m taking this photo.
The path down, and North, has a rock wall ledge (left) for maybe 100 meters.
Cloudy skies conceal much of the rocks energy. When the sun breaks through, magnificently different.
Ahern Glacier (left) and Old Sun Glacier (right) on the top horizon. Only visible as i walked well past the tunnel exit.
About to head south and back to Swiftcurrent Motor Inn.

The paperwork of life is a challenge.

Add a small business’s paperwork on top of your life’s paperwork and you have a perfect storm for daily overwhelm.

Quickbooks for self-employed people is a perfect tool for putting structure and process in place.

Yesterday while preparing for year-end closure and a new year income tax filing, i discovered that business expenses under $75 do not need a receipt.

While i have digital/photo receipts for everything, finding them is a different story.

This significantly helped me get completely caught up for YTD FY 2019.

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