How to help your child, high school, and you stay connected

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Time: teach yourself how to master it and then teach your child(ren) or nieces or nephews.


How to help your child, high school, and you stay connected.

Assumption: Your High School child(ren) receive daily email from school and other sources.

Email will eventually become obsolete in it’s current form, but until then, maximize your child’s effective and efficient use of this mainstream communication tool.

Set up structure and process, like any world-class business does, to deliver great results without taxing time, resources, and energy.

We review our 11th-grader’s emails before dinner and use four categories to help us manage school-life’s buckets:

  1. Progress reports from teachers and staff emails
  2. Calendar and event scheduling emails
  3. Emails requiring a decision
  4. Emails that inform, inspire, and educate

We started with this and know it may change and or morph.

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