From 8,200 to 100 in 24 hours

Mt Oberlin summit
A cairn at Mt Oberlin summit at 8,200′. Pictured are two Orlando friends.


Cairn at Lake McDonald Lodge
A cairn at our Cabin’s beach on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.


Florida pool
In the course of an “8-hour shift”, we went from mountaintop (8,200′) to pool float (100′).


Amazing how in the course of one day you can physically be in two vastly different geographical places.

The water temperature near Glacial waterfalls started burning your hand after a five-second submersion.

The water temperature in our pool, a day later, made me not want to get out (ever?).

Inflight from Glacier to Walt Disney World, we discovered a revolutionary product…

This product looks incredible for holding everyday items in ways that seem to defy gravity. Glacier National Park and this product are mind-boggling.

Be inspired.

It’s one of your most important jobs.


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