Five tips for being successful from jeff noel

Disney Keynote Speaker Orlando
On a search yesterday for a special Disney legend’s window on Main Street, USA.


Jim Cora Disney Window
A request from Doug Lipp, author of “Disney U”. Google said Jim’s window is above Disney Clothiers (left side).


Disney Continuous Improvement
Jim Cora told Doug and Pam Lipp his window is on the right side, on the last block.


Disney Keynote Speaker Orlando
Checked every window, on both sides, twice. Stayed for lunch and then the midday Parade.


anytime fitness
While biking home from Magic Kingdom, swung into Anytime Fitness to register. Saying goodbye to my old gym – a member there since September 2006.


Orlando Swimming pool temp
After school yesterday, we took a dip.


work hard
A big part of the bottom line is outworking your competition.


Five tips for being successful from jeff noel.

  1. Dream big
  2. Know precisely why your dream is important
  3. Don’t quit your day job
  4. Fall in love with risk and failure
  5. Be different than everyone else in your space

Obviously, narrowing the big picture to only five is challenging.

Your mileage may vary.



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