Urologist: Dr. Ed Kata, Mid-Florida Urological Associates 407-896-1181 Ed and I see each other at the Gym and at the pool.

Allergist: Allergy Asthma Specialists, Dr. Laila Alidina and Dr. Andre Bagg are my regular Docs. Cynthia does my weekly injections. Many health problems stem from untreated allergies.

Podiatrist: Foot and Ankle Associates of Florida, Dr. Curtis Wagner has changed my life by helping me through chronic inflammation and foot pain. His staff is extraordinarily accommodating. 407-345-5211

Gastroenterologist: Gastroenterogy And Hepatology Specialists Of Central Florida, Dr. Basher Atiquzzaman (Dr. Atiq) 407-846-6311

Urgent Care: Centra Care

Elder Care: No relationship yet established. Recommendations?

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