Mid Life Celebration LLC Hits 100k Milestone In June From Humble Beginnings 27 Months Ago (Results)

The ripple effect has begun in earnest…

When Mid Life Celebration, LLC was incorporated January 1, 2009, almost immediately, nothing happened. But on April Fool’s Day an ambitious goal was set: to write in all 5 blogs everyday for 100 straight days.

Two-plus years later, Mid Life Celebration has surpassed 100k monthly visits.

THANK YOU for stopping by to think, smile or be grateful.

Not hits, visits. If I shared the number of monthly ‘hits’, you wouldn’t believe me.

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By jeff noel

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  1. How awesome is that? That’s more people than pass through the turnstiles in a day at Magic Kingdom!

    Where will your next ambitious goal take you?

  2. David, the 100k wasn’t a goal as much as writing 5 daily blogs is, to leave a trail. Blogging in a way no one else does is a sub-goal that appeared after the initial goal was created.
    The numbers, it seems, start to take care of themselves.
    It’s humbling, believing that God is guiding this project.
    If you asked do I daydream what 100k a day might be like, yes, I do.
    Pretty dang impossible.

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