Mid Life Celebration Gets Nothing In Return For These Referrals Other Than Demonstrating Good Will (Promote)

Amateurs react unprepared. So I asked myself, “Will you move away from that to become more prepared?”

One of the most important people to know is an honest auto mechanic. Don’t have one? Who’s fault is that?

We’ve known ours 13 years. When you find one, hold on to them. It’s one of the most important relationships you will ever have.

Need one in Central Florida, call Randy or Sherry Austin at 407-856-0028 and visit their website: Integrity Auto Inc.

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  1. Jeff, I like this post. It is one of the best uses of social media. 13 years means a lot. Bravo to you and to them.

  2. Chances are pretty good that they didn’t ask for this. But by doing good and honest work, you are going to tell your friends about them. Just as if they did bad work, you’d tell everyone too.

    We should do our best all the time. People will eventually come to us for their needs. Thank you Randy and Sherry!

  3. Guarantee not prompting. I often call Randy, for no reason other than to “complain” that my a/c is freezing cold in my old car, on blistering hot Florida summer days. 🙂

    Sometimes I call him just to say that I love being his customer. He may never know of this post.

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