i trusted them and it didn’t work

iAqualink device
Brighthouse reconfigured our wifi network, at my request, disabling the old network password.


Zodiac pool app
Called iAqualink at 2:41pm yesterday and discovered i need to connect my laptop to the pool device.


special pin cable required
i only own Apple created cables, none of which fit this.


Best Buy website
Best Buy recommended this SKU# and brought one to the store pick up desk.


Best Buy product
Never doubting Best Buy, i discovered, at home, it was the wrong cable.


i trusted them and it didn’t work yesterday. Had to invest an additional hour to return and repurchase. i remained calm and grateful the entire time.

Backstory: Brighthouse came to fix a cable TV issue the day prior and turns out there was nothing to fix. i felt bad for the technician, so i asked if he could take a quick look at my wifi router. It worked fine but he had an idea how it could work better.

This change caused our old network, and password, to become obsolete. The pool app requires special handling. We leave tomorrow for four days. The pool is either going to run non-stop or not at all, since the mobile app cannot be connected. So there’s a time sensitivity to this.

One small thing has multiple ripple effects.

The good news is that even though pressed hard for time, it was still manageable because of good and decent organization and prioritization.




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