How Difficult Would Your Life Get Without Running Water? And How Long Would That Take? (Water, Well)

We put out cold drinks on that hot day they replaced our pressure tank.

Hard to imagine life without water. In fact, we can’t. Not even possible. Many of us dream of country living. Some even do it. And this requires a well.

We’ve use Dodge Well Drilling for 20 years. Jim Dodge: 352-636-5805 & Charlie Dodge: 407-299-8090 are well experts and very responsive.

(I know 99.9% of you don’t need a well driller. But you know the real, invisible, point to this post, right?)

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  1. Another interesting point about modern day well water is: No electricity – No water.

    The scenario is a thunderstorm descends. A lightening strike, no power. No power, no electricity to run the pump. No pump no water. Electricity and water — two things most people take for granted.

  2. Patty, water and electricity – the tip of the take-things-for-granted iceberg.
    Yeah, no electricity stops water. We expect to turn our faucet and every single time have water.

  3. And I never understood that until a visit to my inlaws. I was showering during a thunderstorm. Power out, water off. Simple concept. But this city boy didn’t get it until I was all wet and soaped up.

    It took me 30+ years to learn that lesson. The faucet was turned and the water came out . . . always. It makes me appreciate technological advances even more. Like getting the water to the house from the well without carrying it myself.

  4. David, have a big “blow up” pool on the back porch is a great back up plan for water. Having a propane grill to boil it, if necessary, also creates peace of mind.

    Yeah, can you imagine carrying water to the house. We were just in the Carousel of Progress yesterday and it was a great visual reminder.

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