Be as prepared as you can be because it’s not a secret

funeral display of photos
Two nights ago.


Be as prepared as you can be because it’s not a secret.


Your death.

Johnny and Margie planned and paid for their funerals in 1995, 22 years ago.

For 38 years i watched them gradually shed their belongings.

And this is remarkable because they never were overloaded with things.

Twelve days ago Chapin and i arrived in Allentown to attend Johnny’s Funeral.

He was 91.

His wife Margaret, my Mother-In-Law, went to join him six days later.

Margaret was buried yesterday on a frigid November 11th morning.

She was 94.

She was by Johnny’s side as he breathed his last.

Cheryl and i were by her side as she breathed hers.

We never returned home after “Dad’s” (Pop-Pop to Chapin) burial.

It didn’t make sense and Chapin’s School gave their blessing – even during the final two weeks of the semester.

Cheryl will stay a few more days to manage things.

We are blessed, and reminded, how a lifetime of being decently organized makes end-of-life details easier and lighter – why shouldn’t they be?

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