Yeah, the twin siblings of self destruction

waiting room floor


(photo: the front outside ‘patio’ where some of the gang hang out)

There’s no place like home. Is our home heaven or hell?

Who decides?

Trick question.

We know who decides.

How do we see far enough into the future to prepare for whatever life deals us?

When do we make time to see into the future?

When do we make decisions that are difficult but important?

Because this is so challenging, we wait.

Waiting and doing nothing are the twin siblings of self destruction.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    You are so right…and most people do wait to do something…looking for a better time than the present. But then life happens and leaves them unprepared to handle what’s coming.

    Keep being amazing, encouraging, and reminding!!


  2. Bob, you’re welcome. The first ministry is at home. Life keeps trying to bury us. It succeeds if we don’t pay attention. This is why balance in life’s five big choices is so important. A never-ending challenge. All day, everyday.

    From the outside, it’s invisible.

    We are either going through hell, just coming out of going through hell, or about to enter going through hell. All of us move in and out of these three places.

  3. You are so right…hopefully, though, people who have been through it and have come out of it recently are mindful enough of those around them to be an encouragement to them in their personal hell. We (yes, including me) sometimes get fixated on the struggle we just went through instead of the celebration of making it through that we let it keep us down instead of building others up who now are in need of it. I call it “licking old wounds” instead of helping to bandage other’s fresh ones.

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