The odds of failing vs the odds of succeeding

It was cold yesterday as i began the 13-mile bike ride to the gym. But it was the heavy rain that caused my retreat and ultimately i drove a car. It would have been much easier to cancel yesterday’s workout. It’s 30 degrees as i type this january 4, 2018.


The odds of people sticking to their New Year resolution is roughly 1 in 10.

The odds of someone starting a business and making it sustainable is less than 1 in 10.

Here’s what this reveals:

  1. Accept that it’s going to be challenging and the odds of failure are astronomical.
  2. The people who “make it” are rewarded, over time, with enough lucky breaks to tip the scale.
  3. Longevity and desire is the recipe for lucky breaks.
  4. Remember that things turn out better or worse than you dream.
  5. When it’s worse, it’s only temporary.
  6. Quitting never leads to lucky breaks.

Sorry, wish it was more complicated than that.


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