State Farm postcard arrived 150 days late

voice message transcript
There’s no need to “prove’ what i say is true, yet sometimes having a “the fish was this big before it got away’ photo adds a nice level of authenticity to what sounds made up.

Jessica, my favorite State Farm agent, left a voice message yesterday to say thanks for the thoughtful postcard message.

You see, 150 days after sending a Glacier National Park postcard to her, she finally received it.

Grateful she took a moment to touch base.

Often when you go the extra inch, you never know if the recipient benefited. And if you ask why do it, it’s because it’s fun, the success rate is high, and to withhold fun and success because of some unknown outcomes would be short-sighted.

And sometimes, the recipient lavishes gratitude that’s disproportional to the effort invested. Those rare moments are exceptionally reinforcing that all it takes to spread joy is one extra inch of effort beyond what you normally do. 

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