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So What Does A Smart Person Do When They Miss Their Exit?

Clear as mud?

When we miss an exit, we can turn around and get back on track. We can also just (unlikely) keep going and not worry about the original destination. If there’s a third choice, it ain’t coming to me at this time.

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8 replies on “So What Does A Smart Person Do When They Miss Their Exit?”

Throw the GPS out the window and go on a picnic.

The ditches are full of Garmins and other tracking systems — Patty is right, the devices aren’t always right.

And it’s always OK to stop and smell the roses, eat a couple of baloney sandwiches, regroup and then be on your merry way.

Patty, mapquest (on iPad) was wrong last week in Utah. Chapin and I did a dry run to the airport the day before (because we’d be pressed for time), and it was wrong – a dead end. But….we enjoyed the detour and saw the airport and the amazing landscape from a completely different vantage point.

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