Now that’s one helluva dream if we got a do-over at college

Recently watched some end-of-the-College-year packing up as the school year cameo an end and students are preparing for their drive home. It was different watching it this time for some reason. i witnessed so many trips from their apartments to their cars. So much stuff.

i was that person. You may have been too.

Most college students go through this ritual.

But what if?

What if all we needed was a Macbook (or iPad), iPhone, headphones, and a few clothing essentials – a pair of good running shoes, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of jean shorts, seven t-shirts, one sweatshirt. Five pairs of running shorts and five pairs of socks. Toiletries. A frisbee. A small backpack for campus, and a larger backpack to carry everything home and back to school. Two washable water bottles. First aid kit. Lighter.

Our books could be digital.

Our meals could be provided.

Our snacks wouldn’t require cooking (or cooking utensils).

Travel light.

Now that’s one helluva dream if we got a do-over at college, knowing then what we now now.




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