How does karma get so organized?

Glacier National Park tee shirt
One of the teachers asked about Glacier, but we didn’t get to talk about it.


Arrived at the HIgh School pool a little early to catch the end of our Son’s swim practice. He was supposed to find out if he was going to Districts.

As of this morning, we still don’t know.

Anyway, after practice, he needs a few minutes in the locker room.

i walked around the corner – gym, track, football field, and the new High School cafe.

Saw four teachers i hadn’t seen in awhile sitting at a table and went over to say hello.

Accepted the invitation to sit with them.

Two minutes later, Jason began “the meeting” by thanking the other teachers for joining him to honor Brad Ramsey, a respected and admired colleague who took his life one year prior.

Just then, a few large, sporadic rain drops fell.

As if Heaven (or Brad) was crying.

How does karma get so organized?

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