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Only days away from final treatment…depending on what happens between Nov 7, 2021 and March 1, 2022.

To put closure (hopefully) on Massage Envy’s “illegal” contract practice, i hope to end this topic today.

Should also mention that in the 26 months (2+ years) that ME collected $60 monthly, there was never an email, “Hey Jeff, we’ve noticed it’s been awhile since you last visited, can we help you in any way?”

You know the minute a single monthly charge doesn’t go through, the emails auto send to the membership owner, and continue until the company gets their payment process rectified.

This has been so therapeutic to write today.

Mystique, the store manager, helped me from the beginning, yet was limited by the franchisee, Tomer.Taggart@massageenvy.com directive to not, as a minimum, meet me half way.

Backstage peek: Almost told Massage Envy to keep the $2,700+ balance (me and Cheryl combined) and i would simply cancel and walk away.

Shout out to Mystique who had enough leadership muscle to sway me to accept Cheryl’s (eventual, thanks to my persistence) $1,150 refund check, and, let my $1,560 credit balance ride until Covid-19 is no longer an issue.

Where once ME was the only local game in town, seven miles away, there is now Hand & Stone less than two miles away.

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