He said several times he works eight jobs

Disney Speakers
Everyone is watching how hard you work or don’t work.


He said several times last week he works eight jobs.

None of them are full-time.

The implication is that he’s juggling a lot.

Hard to keep a set schedule.

Harder still to set parameters for healthy habits like sleeping and eating well.

And then there’s me, his travel companion.

i’ve got one job, right?



And a high-priced speaker no less.

Super lucky.

Guessing he figures i don’t have much to worry about with prices so high.

Then it hit me.

i work a bunch of jobs too.

  1. Speaker
  2. Sales
  3. Marketer
  4. Public Relations
  5. Human Resources
  6. Finance
  7. Legal
  8. Corporate culture
  9. Brand Reputation
  10. Content development
  11. Client relations
  12. Recruitment
  13. Hiring
  14. Contractor relations
  15. Security (intellectual property)
  16. Travel logistics
  17. Long range strategy planning

Life’s a beach, ain’t it?


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