Dramatic leap, please be patient

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Physical stuff and digital stuff needs to be purged now and then


Twelve days alone at home. So much ambition to make a dramatic leap in purging accumulated things.

Only two days allowed any time for a few small steps to be taken.

Dramatic leap, please be patient.

Thank you.

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  1. I can relate . Right now satisfies with a moment here a few minutes there and realizing they will all add up. Today I have a full day to make a dent. Looking forward and need to get off this iPad :)))

  2. Donna, this is probably the coolest thing about life… the fact that it is so dynamic and has so many moving parts.

    This makes a great case for slowly learning to simplify.

    Good luck breaking from from that Apple.

    PS. The 6 is amazing, imho. 🙂

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