Brain drain enemy #1?

Learning concept
Email from a college enrollment department, trying to sell their school to high school prospects.


Learning concept


We spend our lives stuck in insidious and invisible loops, continuously asking, “Should I?”

Should i do this thing?

Should i do that thing?

Should i stop doing this thing or that thing?

It’s this endless series of half-baked ideas that rob our brain energy and attitude.

The antidote?

Pick one.


When you ask, answer definitely.




And move on.

Our “Should I questions” pile up and bury our ability to breath in positivity.


Because we are overwhelmed with the things we feel are holding us back from becoming better (at anything and everything).

Saying yes or no – versus never answering – is a gateway to mental clarity.

Easy to see how saying no, or yes, can free your mind from the brain drain enemy.

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