A Baby Boomer Has To Wonder Where They Missed The Turn

Life is a highway...

Baby Boomers, if you think about this, somewhere along life’s highway, we missed an important turn. It should have been clearly marked, “Happiness / The Meaning of Life”, Next Exit.

How is that possible?

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  1. I think the exit gets overshot because for the longest time many equate money with happiness or success. Yes a certain cash flow is needed to live; but a life line of love, caring and sharing is also required. Exit here.

  2. Jeff –

    People are looking for a tangible, concrete, “cause and effect” relationships between efforts and happiness. The thought process is something like, “If I do this, then that will happen and it will look like that.”

    Enter money. As children, we saw how we got rewarded for doing something by getting a nickel, etc. And it can buy us things (candy, a Coke, etc.) that makes us feel happy. Then as teens, we started doing jobs and seeing our rewards – a paycheck. By the time we became adults, we are fully into that mindset that money is the reward – the bringer of happiness. Then we spend the rest of our lives trying to realize that money isn’t happiness…it’s just stuff.

    Happiness is intangible and often hard to quantify. Happiness can be as simple as being at peace with your surroundings, however humble or glamorous it is. It may be an outward reflection of the joy you have in your heart for God and His wonderful creations. One of His creations in particular, my mind takes me to the births of my boys. Money can’t buy that feeling.


  3. Bob, brilliant summary and example. Thank you. Have a peace-filled day. You are rich beyond measure. Walk humbly and thankfully. That’s money in the bank. 🙂

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