Good morning from Rising Sun Motor Inn and Cabins

St Mary Lake at Glacier Park
Last night before returning to our room.


St Mary Lake at Glacier Park
The most photographed spot in Glacier National Park.


St Mary Lake at Glacier Park
St Mary Lake is only a mile down the road from our room.


View fromGlacier's Rising Sun Motor Inn porch
View from our room’s front porch.


In the simplicity of what to pack, why to pack it, and how to pack, the DNA for living lean and on purpose is cloned.

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  1. Jeff,

    Your pictures took me back to 6th grade. When I was in elementary school, we had to write a research paper on something unique about a state. I was given Montana, and the title of my paper was “The Hidden Beauties of Montana.” My focus quickly turned to Glacier National Park. I remember doing my research in the library (yes, not online) through the old National Geographic Magazines from long before I was born. The picture that sticks out to me was a shot from the magazine of St. Mary Lake exactly where you are standing above with Chapin.

    I never got there, but when I think of Glacier National Park, THAT is the image that is etched in my mind. One day, I’ll get there.


  2. Bob, you probably have memories of stunning natural beauty from looking at those National Geographic photos. The next several days, a simple iPhone camera will capture what we saw in real time. No fussing to get the lighting right. Just real life in real time.

    Incidentally, my first exposure to Glacier was as a 12 year old, on a tour bus with 40-some Scouts. We arrived early evening (great light), and spent the night. The morning (more great light) was spectacular also.

    It was “love at first sight”.

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