I’m Sorry

Yeah, Go Daddy!
Yeah, Go Daddy!

To all the people that are finally starting to chatter about social media in the workplace, I’m sorry for being so far ahead of you.

And then there are the ones who make me look like an amateur. I tip my hat to you.

Either way, there’s always a group that wins and a group that looses, and of course a group that’s clueless there was a competition.

Mid Life Celebration

By jeff noel

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  1. I say we are on this road together. Some are in the fast lane and have passed us by.

    You have no ego to worry about. If asked, I am sure you would offer assistance and advice to anyone who wanted it, even about social media.

    Unless you are doing something that is revolutionary . . like 5 blogs a day . . . wait . . . you are doing something revolutionary . . you are further ahead than most bloggers.

    Soon there will be a Social Media degree at some university somewhere.

  2. Starting near the end of the pack doesn’t necessarily mean finishing near the end of the pack.
    Slow and steady wins the race.
    But one thing is sure, if you want to sell a lot of hamburgers, there better be something special about your hamburgers, even if it’s simply the location they’re sold from.

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