Being organized also includes the most obscure category ever

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Drew Mid Life Celebration’s logo in less than one minute, in 2008


Being organized also includes the most obscure category ever.

Our thoughts.

Having our thoughts organized means having our priorities organized.

Guessing we didn’t see that one coming.

Guessing we’d struggle if put on the spot.

Why? Most of us figure we’ll sort this out when life slows down and we have more time to focus on it.

Or, we’re simply surrounded by a society that manages to survive without being crystal clear.

Most of us are at least 50 years old.

Shouldn’t we have our priorities carved in stone by now?

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  1. Patty, and it can become a moving target when the economy, life, health, relationships, job, etc change.

    What drives the thinking is what drives Disney.

    Everything learned from a lifetime there (and from teaching it to others) has been creatively integrated.

    Running our personal life can be modeled after a Mickey Mouse operation.

  2. It’s a high standard, and trying to run a life like a business can create waves that aren’t always popular or fun – simply because high quality always requires more effort, time, focus, discipline, etc.

    But it is so transformational.

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