Where do you place organizational skills on your prioroities list?

organizational skills
do your best to be as organized as you can be

I put being organized in my top five life items. I’ll never win any awards for organization, but I’ll never be accused of being sloppy or disorganized. Tomorrow, I’ll share a key, “secret”, tactic on how to think differently about being organized.

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  1. Jeff,

    I so agree with you on this! The way I look at it is there are plenty of other variables that can throw a wrinkle in your plans. If I can remove the variables I can control (by being organized or being prepared), it is easier to manage the variables that come unexpectedly. It’s like doing fire drills in school – the practice, organization, and preparation help to remove the chaos we can control in case of a real fire. A fire alone creates its own chaos, but without organization, the consequences of chaos will be much greater.


  2. Bob, great insight, as usual. You know, sometimes the best way to see how important something is is to look at it’s opposite.

    Take hate for example.

  3. Bob, some of life’s most imoortant perspectives are the easiest to see, but it requires us to open our eyes. Who knew? 🙂

  4. Practice the hurricane drill during the dead of Winter.

    I fight organization on a daily basis. Some days I win. The days I don’t are the days where a mess is left for me to clean up especially at work. That is when I realize I have failed as a manager. But I don’t give up. It reminds me to lead by example since I’m being watched all the time.

  5. David, never give up. Fall down seven times, get up eight. We all struggle with organization. We all struggle with caving to the daily pressure or plowing through to another day.

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