September Has Been Interesting Because _______ .

The seats are full. The activity paths are virtually empty.

September has been interesting because __________.

Because jeff noel has finally come to the realization that very few people can actually keep up with the pace required for balancing life’s (5) big choices. Sad and exciting at the same time. Weird.

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  1. Jeff,

    I know society tends to reward people for being able to multitask, but what that oftentimes does is causes people to spin too many plates (like in a circus act) at one time. All it takes is one of those plates to spin out of control, and the plates start coming down one-by-one.

    So the reality for a lot of folks is that the stuff society “sees” are just the plates that haven’t fallen, and normally those are work-related. That’s the facade. But the things that aren’t seen – the stuff in their personal lives like health, wellness, family life, etc – are crashing all over the floor.

    We have been taught for years that people should see that we have it “all together” – that out-of-control multitasking is right. But what that has turned into proving is that we can do many things at the same time poorly.

    You are right on target – learning to balance the the big 5 makes much more sense than trying to put up more plates. 🙂


  2. Bob, good morning. Multitasking is how animals survive in nature. While they are searching for food, they must watch their back. While they are building their nest/den, they must also search for food. While they mating/raising offspring, they must watch their back. While they are watching their back, they must teach their offspring. Somewhere in there, they also find time to frolic and play. And so it goes. Life is hard.

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