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The beautiful thing about taking risks is that many of them require so little time, money or actual risk. Most risk is simply perceived.

My given name is Jeffrey Noel, however, The Noel Family has always called me Jeff. So when it came time to select a domain name, I choose Jeff Noel, instead of Jeffrey Noel.

Just want to see how quickly I can start showing up on the front page Google search for you know who. Just a simple SEO experiment.

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  1. David, it’s has already proved fruitful, in what, 3 days? Just now (Feb 1 6:30am), I’ve jumped to #5 on Google’s front Page for Jeffrey Noel.

    Started thinking, what if people Google my “given name”.

    You may want to try the same thing with Dave Balentine.

  2. Update Feb 2 6:30am…it’s been 4 days since the “experiment” started. Today, secured the #1 spot on Google’s front page, and ALSO hav 3 of the top 10 front page results for ‘Jeffrey Noel’.

    4 days ago, was no where to be found.

    Love learning and doing, doing and learning….

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