When You Think You Are At The End And Feel Like You Can’t Go On Anymore

Don’t be afraid of failing, be afraid of quitting.

When you are feeling like you can’t go on, you are actually getting to a great place. This signals you’re getting closer to your dream than you’ve ever been before. Ever.

This is not from books I’ve read, it’s from my own personal journey. And what I have learned about others is that most believe this too.

Many of you have watched this unfold. Thanks for your company.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Sometimes when you feel you can’t go on, it’s because your not being nourished along the way. You give, give, give until there is nothing left in you. Is that failure?

  2. Patty, I get in trouble when my expectations for why I give get off center.

    Also, my friend Lee Cockerell talks about ARE (say in like air) – appreciation, recognition, and encouragement. These are free, and so abundant that we can never run out.

    Yet we use them so sparingly, as if they are precious, rare and expensive.

    Giving ARE to others and ourselves vs withholding it is one of the great mysteries.

  3. Jeff,

    To add to your comment, you often don’t remember about a pay increase or bonus or hold near and dear the feeling of getting those. That’s transactional – you expected it in exchange for the work that was done. But you rarely ever forget when someone gives you ARE. Why? Because it is not something that was expected as a transaction, and it meets a higher need or desire – to be appreciated.

    You are right on target, Jeff!!!


  4. Thanks Bob. Was just writing about doing the basics brilliantly and never getting bored with the basics. Yes, we expect the usual. It’s the unusual we crave – sincere, specific and timely feedback – which doesn’t cost a dime.

    A litmus test I perform often. Do I give more than I receive?

  5. That is definitely a sobering litmus test, and is one that hits me squarely in the heart.

  6. Food for thought; I will remember ARE. Thank you.

    I’ve listened to a few talks in our area for adults involved with youth and one of the points they make is to be aware of burn out. That adults should not only offer retreats but participate in retreats as a participant, not a facilitator, so that they can be ministered to. That if the givers don’t allow themselves to be given to they won’t be able to continue giving.

    I guess it could be said that the devil is in keeping all the details.

  7. Bob, me too. Not as much as before though.
    When we give to others without expectation, we experience one of God’s greatest endowments which transcends the workplace – it is better to give than to receive. To serve rather than be served.

  8. Patty, the more I give and the longer I give, without receiving or expecting, the more God places small, seemingly insignificant gifts in the path.

    A few days ago, was told I am the most requested professional speaker in a group of extraordinary speakers.

    Yesterday, was told I’m the poster child for doing the basics (must haves), again, amongst a group of of world-class professionals.

    By the way, I speak in more than one group and work in more than one circle. I say this to remain vague enough so no one feels uncomfortable.

    So, keep on keeping on.

    PS. With God as my witness, not to brag, I share this to illustrate that I had no idea of either. None. And nice comments never happen to people who quit.

  9. Jeff – you do and you give without looking for comments, compliments, or rewards. But you know, it is a nice reminder when you get the comments, because it not only encourages you to keep on doing what your doing, but it also lets you know what your doing is making the right kind of impacts in the right direction. One of the worst feelings in the world is enthusiastically moving in one direction without realizing that it is in the wrong direction. Those comments help to keep you moving on the right track.

    Likewise, your blogs help to encourage me on my track! Thank you!

  10. Bob, very familiar with the feeling you reference heading in the wrong direction thinking it was the right one.

    Thanks for your continued support.

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