Was organized enough to surprise two friends

McDonald's to go bag and two Marriott room keys
Do unto others


Was organized enough to surprise two friends after the track workout. Jogged to McDonalds, returning from the track, for some egg McMuffins to go. Made it back to Marriott in plenty of time to eat and shower.

Slid a room key – with concierge lounge (free breakfast buffet) access – under each of my friend’s doors and texted them this photo with a note.

Was organized enough, and not in such a hurry, to think this nice surprise through.

We know this.

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  1. Karin, talk about surprises. Nice surprise to see your comment. 🙂

    They did indeed appreciate the gesture and in the giving, there was receiving.

    The gesture was simply to exceed their morning plans. The real blessing is that my schedule wasn’t so jammed to miss it.

  2. Jeff,

    And the nice thing is that you didn’t have to do this – you chose to do this. And that shows the motive of the heart!


  3. Bob, thank you. What facilitated this was picking a departure flight that allowed for a morning of exercise, reading, writing, studying, thinking.

    Being organized facilitated exercise. Exercise facilitated thinking/praying. Praying facilitated what good could be done. And from a work view, exceeding expectations is the goal – but not going the extra mile, simply going the extra inch.

    Had the morning been rushed it’s very likely none of this would have happened.

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