Tomorrow’s post will reveal my location

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No man is an island…


Tomorrow’s post will reveal my location.

Decent chance you’ve already figured it out.

Any guesses? (will be there in 19 hours)

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  1. Jeff,

    I know the 19 hours of flight very well, even though what I know of it isn’t from personal experience. When Melissa and first started dating back in college, she graduated before me (I know, that makes her older) and took a teaching job at a Christian school in Hilo, Hawaii. We had only been dating for a couple of months when that happened. So basically, our first year of dating became a long-distance relationship. That was pre-email, so everything was hand-written letters and the occasional weekend telephone calls (back when it was cheaper to call on weekends).

    So she lived there for one year and then came back because of some guy (sheepish grin). But those long flights and layovers were definitely a part of our memories.


  2. Bob, Hilo is exactly right. Wow.

    Remember fondly the days of letters, and phone calls – waiting for weekends for the cheaper rates.

    Teaching at a Christian School in Hawaii – sounds like an awesome experience for Melissa.

    Have you been to Hawaii?

  3. Jeff,

    I never got to visit (I was still in college when she was there), but I felt like I was through all the letters, pictures, and momentos from her.

    We plan to go back to visit one day…for her, it’s been 20+ years since the last time she was there. Interestingly, though, from what she sees (yes, she is fully connected with Hilo through the wonders of the Internet), it hasn’t changed much. It blows her mind to go out to Google to look up addresses to see her old neighborhood at the street level still looking the same.


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